Jun. 21st, 2017

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Here's the short version of the Tsunagu PV that aired this morning.

Preview )

DL links )

Feel free to create mirrors and/or to use the file for subbing purposes.

Feel free to also use this post to share your opinions on the PV, of course! :D
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Wabi-Sabi Subs presents the English translation (and softsubs) of the movie trailer of MatsuJun's new movie, "Narratage".
Click HERE for the translation and softsubs.
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We're [livejournal.com profile] arashiproject  a project community which aim is to reupload the old dead subbed files when it is allowed.

Reuploads are going well thanks to your help, now we're recruting helpers for making mirrors and checking dead links.

If you're interested, please head over here.

Thank you!
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