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Hello, everyone! In 2017, I posted here about the Arashi fandom survey. I'm posting here now for a new one about the hiatus (and some old items from the last survey!). Please do answer it if you have time. It should only take 10-15mins:

Please feel free to share it with your Arashi friends via FB or Tumblr or Twitter, etc. ♥ Also, most of the results of the old survey have been posted to http://arashisurvey.wordpress.com if you're curious :)

Thank you very much!
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In spite of the sad news, today marks the one year anniversary of the founding of the Arashi Fans Discord server. Please come along and join for chat with fellow Arashians! We have our own bot called Storm that plays Arashi 24/7, and “roles” that you can set to show which member is your favourite, along with custom emojis of each member. We’re nearly up to 400 members and we’re very active, we’d love to have you. https://discord.gg/sE5MAvs
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Hello, hello, hello!! I translated yesterday's IntroTalk ♥

What is Sho shocked about? Will Ohno thank Sakurai-mama for always giving birth to Arashi's resident rapper? And what is Sho's goal this year?

Cilick on Sakuraibamoto being cute to find out!!
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 Hi everybody, 
I'm Lili from the team of scanlation "Little Secret", it's a project which had fade away with the time (IRL problems), and, today I would like to revive this team with some people who want to work on Doujinshi Arashi.
For the moment the most important work which need people is:
- Translate the japanese to english
- Translate the japanese to french
- Translate the english to french
- Translate the french to english
Because of the LJ problems when the changement was done before, I've created a forum : little-secret.forumactif.com/
So please if you want take a look.
If you are interested or curious about how work the job of translator don't hesitate to send me an email : lilisan313@gmail.com
I miss Arashi community, and also want to try to translate all the doujinshis I have to share them with the fandom.

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Hi everyone.

Here is the subbed News Zero 2018.10.08. Please note that it is the last News Zero I'm subbing, so for future episodes, please follow[personal profile] arashitranslation  journal as they will be released there directly by her :)

You can get it here at my journal.
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Hello everyone! I'm back with a new Intro Talk translation in which we will discover new stuff about Arashi and pets.

Who had a colony of hamsters growing up? Who was exceptionally rich even before he became a national idol? Why is Sho talking about porn magazines? And how many times can Nino be a lil shit™ in under 3 minutes?

Click on Sho being Sho-cked (get it? SHOcked hehehe) to find out! :D
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Hi everyone!

We're [livejournal.com profile] ao_no_michi and we've released a new sub for Ohno Satoshi 2012 documentary on Walt Disney: Subete wa Yume Todokeru Tame ni- Walt Disney- Souzou no Kiseki.

You can get it here at [livejournal.com profile] ao_no_michi . Entry is member-locked, please read this entry to know how to join us :)
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Dear guys,
only one month until Christmas~ <3
Because of that I want to give away clippings for free again.
No matter where you live, I will pay the shipping, too.
I want to give them a sweet new home >^0^<

For clippings of A.B.C-Z, Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, Ikuta Toma, Johnny's WEST, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Sexy Zone and TOKIO please look [here].
For clippings of Johnny's (Jr.), King & Prince, Kis-My-Ft.2, Senpai, Tackey & Tsubasa, YamaP and Yuma [here] =)
Many clippings of Johnny's include cooperation of Johnny's members from diffrent groups and also concert reports. So please have a look there, too =)

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Hi everyone!

Here is News zero 2018.10.01! This is actually the new format of the show, so some of you might be curious about it ;)

nz 181001 edit_001_4623.png

You can get it here at my journal ^^
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We're [livejournal.com profile] arashiproject  and we work in reuploading the dead subbed files made by old subbing teams, in the respect of their rules.
We have opened a new masterposts for [livejournal.com profile] share_house subs, you can read everything in this entry.
If you have any of the missing files, please don't hesitate to share :)
Membership is moderated, just click join and wait for approval.
Thank you for your help and support :)


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