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Added translations of VS Arashi OPTs:


You can read

2017.06.16 HERE
2017.04.20 HERE
2017.03.23 HERE
2017.03.16 plus EXTRA TALK HERE

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Added two translations of VS Arashi Opening Talks:

You can read them
2017.050.4 HERE
2017.04.27 HERE
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I have two translation of VS Arashi OP TALKS: 2017.06.01, and 2017.05.11 + some Extra Q&A talk.

You can read them HERE & HERE.
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Translation of OP TALK of VS Arashi 2017.06.01 only:

You can read it HERE.
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I apologise for the delay, I was busy. Today's VSA is at my scans comm.

You can find the post HERE.

Video is raw with commercials and all. Sorry about that. I also apologise for not posting a cap, but I don't have the time.

Please, comment if taking and don't repost the link around or anything. Keep it for yourself or up it to your own place if you want to share. No credit or link back needed. Thank you!

Will close the post in some days.

I know all of you know but just in case, a reminder that joining the comm is easy.
However if you click join and don't leave a comment, you won't be added to the comm! Read the intro post please!
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Translation of OP TALK of VS Arashi 2017.05.18 only:


Read it HERE
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I translated the short Intro Talk (only) of VS Arashi 25 May 2017 episode.

You can read it HERE.
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Any and all questions in regards to the rules or the community in general should be directed to this post. All comments are initially screened, and moderators will reply them as soon as possible.

If you absolutely must PM, please PM [personal profile] arashi_off_mod instead of contacting the individual moderators.


Q: How do I join this community?
Ans: Just click on the 'join' button at the top, membership to the community is OPEN, all are welcomed.


☆This is a community about Arashi only, which means that anything not related to them (such as information about other Johnny's groups) should be posted in other, more relevant communities.

☆ We reserve the right to delete any comments or post deemed inappropriate. Similarly, we will ban users as we see fit.

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☆ Any post containing the phrase "Mods, if this is not allowed, please delete!" or any variation will be DELETED. This shows us you haven't read the rules and/or just don't care.
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