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 Hello all!

It's that time of year again~ We aren't hibernating at the moment LOL! Piccasho has subbed the This is MJ segment from the three hours AniShi SP!

Come see it below :D (will be only for only 3 days before we are locking it).

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This is the "Aiba Cheers" clip from Saturday's Shiya. I really really like it, so I decided to cut the clip to share. This is the exhibition only, the training isn't included.

[2017.05.20] Aiba cheers (810p): Mega
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hello! mari is here again xp

today I wanna write my review of arashi ni shiyagare SP, it was a long day with kame and yamapi drama after it!!! I will try to talk about as much as I remember because I lot happen! and of course I will talk about my sakuraiba 

here in my DW

or here in my LJ
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