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Hi all! I've shared some Jweb Otonoha (vol. 161-163) and Enjoy (148-150) entries in English and Japanese over at [community profile] storm_freaks .

The post is members only but joining is easy! Click here and follow the instructions to join now!

Other reasons to join Storm Freaks:
- Stay up to date on Arashi news
- Connect with other Arashi fans!
- Loads of Arashi related (and not-so-Arashi related) discussions!
- Plenty of fun and games

See you there!
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For anyone interested, I wrote a bit of a review for Shinobi no Kuni, since many fans probably won't be able to see it until much later, but they still might be curious about the movie. It's not one of those reviews where I tell the whole plot of the movie - if you want that, I highly suggest you just go and read read the manga (it's awesome). This review is mostly just me rambling about my thoughts. 

Warning: Spoilers!!!! 

If you're interested, come check it out [HERE]
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I know a much better translation has already been posted by [ profile] acidae over at [ profile] arashi_on, but I thought I'd share my write-up from the director's Q&A with Nakamura Toshihiro at the Toronto Japanese Film Festival Wednesday night. While I just transcribed (unfortunately, I can't translate), I did hide the questions that contained spoilers, so the main post is spoiler-free for the film.

It's at my DW, here. :)
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Hello everyone!

Just to let you know that I'm now an admin at [ profile] arashiproject , so all the masterposts have been updated and the community will be very active again.
[ profile] arashiproject  is a project community which aim is to reupload the old dead subbed files when it is allowed.

So we need your help to maintain this project alive. Membership is open, please check the welcome post for more informations :)
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Comments on this entry are disabled. If you have inquiries for the mods, leave them at the Rules & FAQ post.

Useful link: Time Zone Converter.

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Any and all questions in regards to the rules or the community in general should be directed to this post. All comments are initially screened, and moderators will reply them as soon as possible.

If you absolutely must PM, please PM [personal profile] arashi_off_mod instead of contacting the individual moderators.


Q: How do I join this community?
Ans: Just click on the 'join' button at the top, membership to the community is OPEN, all are welcomed.


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