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[subs] NEWS ZERO - ZERO CULTURE : Saki ni umareta dake no boku event (2017.09.13)

Hi everyone!

Here is the subbed ZERO CULTURE on the event for "Saki ni Umareta dake no boku" aired last wednesday.

nz 170913 edit.mp4-muxed.mp4_snapshot_02.37.jpg

You can get it here at my journal  :)
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[subs] NEWS ZERO - North Korea + Sho's volleyball interview + 9/11 comment (2017.09.11)

Hi everyone!

Here is this week's subbed NEWS ZERO.

You can get it here at my journal :)

VS Arashi 2017.09.14 - 5x18

Today's IntroTalk is about Arashi's 18th anniversary! \o/ Will Arashi celebrate this year? What's the address to Ohno's house? And is Arashi's anniversary really the 15th?

Click on Arashi bowing to find out!
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[subs] NEWS ZERO - Ichimen (North Korea's H-bomb) (2017.09.04)

Hi everyone!

Here is this week's subbed NEWS ZERO.

You can get it here at my journal :)

VS Arashi 2017.09.07 - Fireworks

For this week's Introtalk, who watched the fireworks even when he wasn't supposed to? Why do fireworks make Nino sad? And will his Lil Shit™ self make an appearance?

Click on Ohmiya acting silly to find out! :D
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Arashi Fandom Survey!

UPDATE 9/10/2017 12:39AM: The survey will close by tomorrow at 1PM Hong Kong/Manila time. ♥

So far, there are 720+ responses!! I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed, but also so touched that you'd all take the time to answer! I don't think we've really had a chance to regroup as a fandom and see how we're doing as a community, so I'm glad I've been getting feedback about the survey opening discussions among fans and getting you all to reflect on your choices :D

Please continue to share it! Yay!


Hi, everyone!

I've been interested in the Arashi fandom community for a while now, having been part of it for the last decade or so. :) I'm interested in learning about the current makeup of the community, so I designed this survey to learn more about all of you! There are no right or wrong answers, it's all about what YOU think and feel about Arashi ♥ This is all just for fun and because I want to practice running data and making correlations! LOL. But I've pretested it, and it's a lot of fun answer!

A few things:

  • All your answers will be kept CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS. When I report back with the results, I will not give any usernames or e-mail addresses identifying any of the respondents. I will only go back to your answers if you want to be interviewed for Part 2 of this fandom research, which will mostly have open-ended questions. So please answer as honestly as possible!

  • It's all multiple question-type answers so you don't have to write an essay or anything.

  • This should take around 15-30 minutes depending on how set your opinions about Arashi are. But again it's fun to answer :D

  • Please please please send this to your friends who are Arashi fans! Post the link in on Tumblr, share it on Facebook/Twitter, etc. The more data we can gather, the better ^_^

  • Again, please answer everything honestly!

Okay, enough rambling. Please go answer the survey! You can leave a comment here if you have any suggestions or questions about this.
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Arashi's 16th album - Untitled アンタイトル

Regular edition consists of two CDs containing 18 tracks total, including a bonus track and four tracks by units. Also includes a booklet with lyrics.

Limited edition includes a bonus DVD with a music video for "Mikan," making-of, and more. Features special packaging with a photo booklet with lyrics.

Release date 18 October 2017
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[subs] NEWS ZERO - 24HTV 2017 report + Ralph-san comment (2017.08.28)

Hi everyone!

Here is this week's subbed NEWS ZERO with more 24HTV goodness :D

You can get it here at my journal :)

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Angel-Devils & Very_Nadegata subs revival


We're [ profile] arashiproject and we work in reuploading the dead subbed files made by old subbing teams, in the respect of their rules.

We have opened 2 new masterposts for [ profile] angel_devils  and [ profile] very_nadegata  you can read everything in this entry.
For vey_nadegata, everything has already been reuploaded, so just treat yourself (mirrors are welcome though ;)).

Membership is moderated, just click join and wait for approval.

Thank you for your help and support :)
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[subs] 24HTV 2017 - Sho's Grandpa + Convey & One Love + Fukushima choir & Furusato

Hi everyone!

I bring you three subbed segments from last weekend 24hTV, mostly focused on Sho-san, but also featuring NEWS' Koyama-san and KAT-TUN's Kamenashi-san.
This includes the following segments:

  • Report on Sho-san's grandfather, deceased reporter Sakurai Mitsuo-san

  • To convey + "One Love" perf (NEWS' Kayoma-san + KAT-TUN's Kamenashi-san + Arashi's Sakurai-san)

  • Fukushima report + "Furusato" perf (choirs of Fukushima)

Now are you ready to cry?

24hTV 2017 - Sakurai Sho's Grandfather [arashitranslation + winkychan].mp4_snapshot_09.11.jpg

You can get them here at my journal :)
Also feel free to crosspost it to other communities if you like ^^

Happy birthday Matsujun :D + subbed video

Happy birthday dearest Matsujun!! Wishing you an amazing 34 years old!! :D
To celebrate Matsujun's bday, I've subbed his challenge on 24 hour tv a from few years back.
Please click here to get it on my journal!

VS Arashi 2017.08.24 - Ohno's phone number

People keep asking Ohno out. Ohno is troubled. Mayhem ensues.

Click on Ohno's troubled face to find out what happened in this week's VSA! :D
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[EN subs] Bokura no Yuuki 2017 Drama SP

Hi everyone!

Just to let you all know that  [ profile] chuline  has subtitled the drama SP (featuring Kinki Kids + Aiba-chan and Matsujun), and she has allowed me to advertise it here.

You can get it here at her journal :)

VS Arashi 2017.08.24 - Noble-like

On this week's VS Arashi: did Aiba win the lottery? Is he a real nobleman? Is Nino still a lil shit?*

Click on the double prettiness to find out!

*That's a trick question, of course he is.
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[subs] NEWS ZERO - Fukushima report for 24hTV + Sho-san cuts (2017.08.21)

Hi everyone!

Here is this week's subbed NEWS ZERO. There's a report in Fukushima where Sho-san did a coverage for 24HTV. We also added some more cuts from the show.

You can get it here at my journal :)
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[subs EN +FR] NEWS ZERO - Understanding that war report + comment about Trump (2017.08.14)

Hi everyone!

Here is this week's subbed NEWS ZERO with a really interesting and important report. We also get to hear Sho-san and Murao-san comment on the Charlottesville tragedy.
It is also available in French subs.

NEWS ZERO (2017.08.14) - Understanding that war report + comment about Trump [arashitranslation + winkychan].mp4_snapshot_08.12.jpg

You can get it here at my journal :)
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[subs] Himitsu no Arashi-chan #163 [2012.02.16]

Hi everyone!

We're [ profile] ao_no_michi subbing team and for our revival (and anniversary) we bring you Himitsu no Arashi-chan #163 [2012.02.16]!

You can access the entry here. It is member-locked, to access it, you need to be a member of [ profile] ao_no_michi , membership is moderated, click here to learn how to join (it's a really easy process, don't worry).

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Questions regarding balloting for Arashi's 2017-2018 concert tickets

Hi! I know everyone has heard the news of Arashi's new balloting system. I got the FC mail but my Japanese understanding is not enough to fully comprehend the instructions sent to my email.

I was able to read through twitter posts that this coming concert will employ the Digital Ticket via QR Code method for concert tickets.

I am planning to ballot together with my other friends but before that I just wanted to ask some questions to clarify some matters related to the balloting system. I'll be grateful if the questions could be answered because a lot of the friends I know are confused... >_<

1. Is it possible to not ballot up to 3 concert dates?
(ex. I will ballot only 1 concert date)

2. When balloting for more than 1 concert date with more than 1 ticket, can we put different companion names for the different dates or can we only put one set of companion names for all the concert dates you balloted?
(ex. I will ballot tokyo dome dec 24, 25, 26 with 3 tickets. For tokyo dome dec 24, I will put A-san, B-san as my companions. Then for tokyo dome dec 25, I will put C-san and D san as my companions. For tokyo dome dec 26, I will put E-san and F-san as my companions.--> is this possible? or can I only do this--> I will ballot tokyo dome dec 24, 25, 26 with 3 tickets and for all 3 dates, I will only bring A-san and B-san with me)

3. Can I ballot for 2 or 3 different DOME venues?
(ex. I will ballot 1st choice: Tokyo Dome dec 24, Second Choice: Nagoya Dome December, Third Choice: Osaka January 2018)

4. I heard about the scenarios of tickets getting invalidated if balloting for multiple dates. 
I was also told about this scenario: A-san is balloting Tokyo Dome December 24 and wrote B-san for her accompanying. Since A-san wrote B-san as accompanying for Tokyo Dome December 24, B-san is not allowed to ballot for Tokyo Dome December. 

5. If one of your companions that you wrote in your ballot entry is unable to attend the concert venue due to an unforseen accident (hospitalized or unable to fly to Japan etc) can we be able to bring along another companion in replacement of the one who couldn't make it?

6. I read that if bringing a companion, the QR code holder and companion must enter the venue together. In relation to Question #4, If companion is not able to make it, Can the QR code holder still enter the venue without a companion? or can the QR code holder bring someone else in replacement of the previous companion who could not make it?

7. During AYH concert, me and my friend balloted exactly the same dates for Tokyo Dome, however we didn't write each other's names as companions... but, instead, wrote names of other people we know ( such as sister or friend's name). this was to prevent ticket invalidation. Apparently we both won our own ballots and were able to enter the dome venue without even an ID check. This is a method to increase chances of winning number of tickets and number of times to watch a concert.
My question, with this year's new system, is it possible to do the same method that me and my friend did last year in order to avoid getting invalid and enabling ourselves to increase our chances of hitting?

I am sorry if my post feels lengthy with all the scenarios I placed but it was the only way for me to explain.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to what other users know or think.


VS Arashi 2017.08.17 - Bugs

Today's VSA intro talk is about... bugs?

Click on Nino being a lil shit to read the translation :)
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[subs] NEWS ZERO - Typhoon n°5 report + Ralph-san comment (2017.08.07)

Hi everyone!

Here is this week's subbed News Zero about the typhoon that hit Japan this week.

NEWS ZERO (2017.08.07) - Typhoon n5 report + Ralph-san comment [AET + winkychan].mp4_snapshot_04.07.jpg

You can get it here at my journal :)